Results from Preclinical Studies:

LGM2605 significantly reduced disease progression in multiple rodent fibrosis models

LGM2605 improved overall survival in multiple rodent fibrosis models

LGM2605 demonstrated safety in multiple rodent toxicology studies

LGM2605 PK/PD data in non-human primates

Pre-IND Meeting held with FDA to discuss radiation poisoning development program

Intellectual Property:

LignaMed holds exclusive licenses to the patents for LGM2605 from The Trustees of the University Of Pennsylvania and The Scripps Institute

Robust Intellectual Property: In prosecution patents for composition of matter, methods of use and methods of manufacturing

Funding Awarded:

Awarded $5.2 million dollar contract from National Institutes of Health to develop LGM2605 as a medical countermeasure agent to treat radiation lung damage from nuclear accident or attack